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The Struggling Musician

View the project live or view the code onGithub.


This project is based on the first project I completed at The Iron Yard—designing an editorial article. It was also my first class assignment that included RWD. Originally, it was a non-responsive design which I created pixel perfectly, with the help of inspect element and the PixelPerfect Chrome extension. My next assignment was to revise the code and make the site responsive. After we learned about Sass, I converted the CSS to Sass. To get this piece portfolio ready, I switched out the content and revised the Sass.

Technologies Used

  • HTML
  • Sass
  • RWD
  • Google Fonts


Taking an unresponsive website and making it responsive at first was challenging, but I was able to go section by section until I had all of the content where I wanted it. I used Adobe's Edge Inspect to speed the up the responsive process and allow me to easily see the design on different devices.